Galloup's Mini Dungeon - White

Montana Fly Company


A smaller version of the original Sex Dungeon from Kelly Galloup, the Mini Dungeon is still a good-sized articulated trout streamer.  This White Mini Dungeon will be an all around great trout streamer and is certainly going to get some time on the end of the line from us for Bull Trout in our PNW rivers.

Designed by Kelly Galloup, the Mini Dungeon is a double-hook, articulated streamer with lots of movement and action.  The deer hair head created turbulence when the fly is stripped through the water and makes everything behind it pulse and look alive.  Lead eyes keep the fly under the surface but the Mini Dungeon, despite a total fly length of about 3.5-inches, is still small and light enough to be fished from a 5- or 6-weight rod.  

Size 6 with double hooks.  Cut the back hook off at the bend if double hooks are not legal.  Total fly length of approximately 3.5-inches.