Intex Quick-Fill Electric Pump

Pacific Fly Fishers


The Intex Quick-Fill Electric Pump is a great portable inflation option for your pontoon boats and float tubes. Use it with the valve adapter and vinyl tubing to attach it to your boat or float tube.  This inexpensive pump does the bulk of the work and quickly inflates your boats to 80% to 90% of the optimal pressure.  Then, top off the boat to the correct pressure with your hand pump.  A huge time saver!

User Tip:  This pump does not have enough power to blow through a closed valve on most boats.  To use the pump, open the valve (like when you are deflating the boat) and inflate the boat with the open valve until the pressure is too much for the pump to keep inflating.  You will hear a difference in the sound of the pump when it is no longer inflating.  Then, quickly remove the pump and twist the valve to close it.  Now finish off inflating the boat to the desired pressure with a hand pump. 

  • Inflates & deflates
  • 3 assorted nozzles for different valve sizes
  • For outdoor use - operates from 12 volt DC power supply like car's cigarette lighter or accessory outlet on boats & RVs.
  • Also great for a variety of other things like inflatable mattresses, inflatable toys, etc.