Lid Rig Magnetic Nipper System

Lid Rig


Lid Rig Magnetic Nipper System is a brilliant concept for a tool we typically use multiple times throughout the day while on the water.  The Lid Rig Magnetic Nipper use magnets to provide the spring-action when cutting line.  The magnets never wear out or break like springs can. 

The magnets also attach the nippers to a clip with a sharpening surface for sharpening hooks or for sharpening the nipper blades themselves.  The clip can be attached to the bill of a hat, wader suspenders, packs, a belt, etc. 

Great innovation for the fly fisherman's most used tool!

Here is what Lid Rig has to say about their Magnetic Fishing Line Nipper System

Designed to clip easily to your hat, waders, bag or just about anywhere, the Lid Rig makes it fast & easy to cut backing, line & tippet on your next fishing trip.

Strong and sharp enough to cut thick backing and sturdy braided lines, the Lid Rig also has these benefits that ordinary nippers lack:

  • No springs to wear out or rust! Our nippers feature an innovative magnetic design. You get spring-loaded nipping action without any actual springs. That means they'll last longer and cut right time after time.
  • No more dull nipper blades! The magnetic clip comes with a diamond-coated sharpening tool. Easily keep your nippers razor-sharp for fast, clean cuts. Complete with a built-in bottle opener and hook-sharpening groove, the Lid Rig 2.0 is a variety of handy tools all rolled into one.
  • Built-in hook eyelet poker is easy to access with all different sizes of flies, yet safely recessed into the side of the nippers.
  • Since they're magnetic, they'll also attach to the side of your boat or metal tackle box for easy, secure storage.
  • And if you prefer to carry your nippers on a lanyard, our Lid Rig comes with a lanyard attachment point, too.