Loon Nocturnal Headlamp

Loon Outdoors


The Loon Nocturnal Headlamp is an impressive little headlamp that nearly blinded me when I accidentally turned it on while aimed at my eyes just now.  BRIGHT!  It is very bright!

Besides being so bright, the Loon Nocturnal Headlamp has cool features like a rechargeable battery which uses a micro USB charging cable (included) to recharge the battery.  The light is controlled with three different brightness levels plus a red light option and a strobe light option.  The Nocturnal Headlamp can be swiveled up or down for the perfect angle of light on the trail while your hiking into your favorite holes.  A great headlamp and something all anglers should have on hand.

Here is what Loon has to say about their Nocturnal Headlamp:

If we knew how many burned foreheads our ancestors endured, strapping flaming torches to their heads in an effort to be able to use both hands AND see at the same time, then we'd never take headlamps for granted again. The Nocturnal Headlamp is designed for the angler who doesn't want to be confined by the schedule of the sun. Using the red light function is easy on the eyes of both the wearer and his or her fishing buddies. The best part is that the built-in battery is rechargeable using a Micro USB cable (included), ensuring that you're always ready to go and that batteries stay out of land fills.

  • Rechargeable using micro USB cable (included)
  • Long lasting battery
  • 3 Modes -- White, red, and strobe
  • 3 Brightness options
  • Water resistant case
  • Swivel angle mounting to elastic, adjustable strap