Loon Rigging Foams

Loon Outdoors


Loon Rigging Foams are foam discs which allow anglers to rig flies with the tippet already attached to the fly.  Loon Rigging Foams are great for pre-rigging hopper/dropper rigs and keeping them ready for quick changes on the water.  They are sized with the same diameter as most tippet spools so they can easily be stored on a tippet spool holder.

Here is what Fishpond has to say about their Headgate Tippet Holder:

For rigging when you're at home so you can fish while you're on the water

Sturdy, reusable housing for rigs using multiple nymphs, dry dropper set ups, or a single dry on a leader, allowing for pre-rigging and quick changes on the water.

Directions:  Rig fly or flies as desired.  Insert hook into foam then wrap leader/tippet around Rigging Foam.

  • 3-pack.  Three Rigging Foams included in each package
  • Stores rigged flies and tippet
  • Allows for quick fly changes
  • Minimizes waste
  • Identical size to common tippet spools