Loon Silicone Double Barrel Caddy

Loon Outdoors


Loon's Silicone Double Barrel Caddy is a dry fly floatant holder constructed of highly durable, stretchy silicone rubber.  It is designed to hold two different types of floatant so you can give your dry flies the ol' shake-n-bake treatment and keep them floating all day.  One side holds a 1/2 oz bottle upside down for floatants like Loon Aquel, Loon Lochsa and Gehrke's Gink.  The other side is perfect for 2 oz. bottles of desiccant powder or liquid style floatants like Loon Top Ride, Loon Easy Dry, or Fly Agra.

  • Securely fastens to any pack/bag/vest with a coated stainless steel tether ring
  • Durable silicone construction
  • Securely holds 1/2 oz bottle of floatant
  • Securely holds 2 oz bottle of floatant
  • Holds gel floatant bottles upside down for easy application