Loon Silicone Medium Caddy

Loon Outdoors


Loon's Silicone Medium Caddy is a dry fly floatant holder constructed of highly durable, stretchy silicone rubber.  It is designed to hold 2 oz. bottles of desiccant powder or liquid style floatants like Loon Top Ride, Loon Easy Dry, or Fly Agra.  A stainless steel tether ring allows you to attach the Silicone Medium Caddy to any pack, bag, vest, etc. for quick access.

  • Securely fastens to any pack/bag/vest with a coated stainless steel tether ring
  • Lightweight, durable silicone construction
  • Securely holds 2 oz bottle of floatant like Loon's Top Ride, Fly Dip, or Easy Dry

Floatant bottles shown in photos not included.