Loon Silicone Small Caddy

Loon Outdoors


Loon's Silicone Small Caddy is a dry fly floatant holder constructed of highly durable, stretchy silicone rubber. It securely holds 1/2 oz bottles of floatant like Loon Aquel, Loon Lochsa and Gehrke's Gink.  A stainless steel tether ring allows you to attach the Silicone Small Caddy to any pack, bag, vest, etc. and the bottle is stored upside down so that it is quicker to get the product out of the bottle.  More fishing and less fiddling!

  • Securely fastens to any pack/bag/vest with a coated stainless steel tether ring
  • Lightweight, durable silicone construction
  • Securely holds 1/2 oz bottle of floatant like Loon's Aquel, Gink, or Lochsa

Floatant bottles shown in photos not included.