New Zealand Strike Indicator

Pacific Fly Fishers


The New Zealand Strike Indicator is just the ticket for spooky fish in clear, flat water.  Utilizing New Zealand wool, the New Zealand Strike Indicators land softly on the water and can be made as tiny or large as your fishing conditions require.  The New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool allows anglers to easily attach the wool indicator to the leader and adjust it up and down for different fishing depths.  

See the photo showing the back of the packaging for instructions on how to use the indicator system.  Included in each package is the Strike Indicator Tool, 12-inches of tubing material, and white and chartreuse wool.  The New Zealand wool is naturally buoyant, but use gel-style fly floatant like Aquel on the wool for maximum buoyancy.  For best results, apply the floatant with a fine tooth comb and comb the floatant into the wool.

Includes enough tubing and wool for years of use for most anglers.  The wool and tubing are easily removed from the leader (without damage to the leader) and can be reused multiple times.