Outcast Fat Cat LCS Float Tube



The Outcast Fat Cat LCS is a terrific, high-quality float tube. It is a good-sized boat with a capacity of 300 lbs. but only weighs 14 pounds. It has a thick, solid foam seat which keeps you riding high in the boat for easier casting, fishing, and better vision while fishing. The foam seat also keeps the sides of the boat from squeezing in when you sit in the boat.
The Fat Cat's stripping apron allows you to customize its height so that you can set it at the perfect position of your liking. Other features include high quality valves and urethane bladder for years and years of hardcore use. 

  • Inflated Size:
    45" x 64"
    Tube Diameter:
    420 PC/1000 PVC
    14 lbs.
    Load Capacity:
    300 lbs.
  • Material Weight:
    20 oz/sq. yd.
    AireCell Material:
    Seam Construction:
    Valve Type:
    (1)Summit 2
    5 years