Peak PRV-G2 Rotary Vise with Pedestal Base



The Peak PRV-G2 Rotary Vise with Pedestal Base is a vise capable of tying a very wide range of flies and is built with the quality to last a lifetime.  We like the heavy, wide pedestal base for supreme stability while tying.  The white base is not only good looking and stable, the white color allows the tyer to more easily see beads, hooks, and other materials.  Finally, underneath the base, soft feet keep the base from sliding on slippery tabletop surfaces and also protect that tabletop from scratches.

The jaws are built tough and stable and their ability to lock onto and hold hooks immediately impressed us.  The jaws are build with hardened, tempered tool steel and Peak says this vise holds up to 2/0 hooks... but we just put a giant 6/0 Gamakatsu SL12S saltwater hook in there and it was great.  Tie on big saltwater hooks down to the smallest hooks you can stand.  The Peak PRV-G2 Rotary Vise has you covered.  And, while you're jumping from giant hooks to tiny little midge, you'll appreciate the simple, easy adjustment nut on this vise.  It allows the tyer to quickly adjust the jaws in a split second.

The Peak PRV-G2 Rotary Vise with Pedestal Base is one of the slickest fly tying vises on the market and certainly one of the best at its price point.  No matter what kind of flies you're tying or how many years of experience you may or may not have, it's hard to go wrong with this vise.

Works equally well for right or left-handed tyers.  Constructed of high quality materials, inclucing stainless steel, brass, and aircraft aluminum. 

Made in USA.