Pro Ultra Sonic Discs

Pro Tube


Pro Sportfisher Ultra Sonic Discs create a vortex around the fly to allow soft materials like marabou or Finn Raccoon to move freely without collapsing in the current. Ultra Sonic Discs come in some great colors and add just a slight amount of weight to the fly. Each Sonic Disc weighs approximately .23 grams or 3.55 grains and measure 9mm in diameter. These discs are vented which makes them easy to cast and pullout of the water, while adding a lot of movement to the fly.

Pro Sportfisher Ultra Sonic Discs fit Pro Microtube, Pro Nanotube, Pro Flexitube 40/40 and Pro Classic Medium tubing.  They also fit the Small (3/32" dia.) HMH Tube Fly Blanks.

Each package contains 9 Pro Ultra Sonic Discs.  Size Medium.