R.L. Winston Pure Rods

R.L. Winston


Winston Pure fly rods are simply made for summer evenings on a gentle trout stream with sipping trout looking to take a dry fly.  Winston Pure rods are medium-action rods constructed of Winston's Boron III.  They are lightweight and have a feel in-hand that takes your mind to thoughts of trout on the rise.  The shorter lengths in the 2wt - 4wt sizes are ideal for creeks and smaller rivers while the 8'6" or 9'0" long 4wt or 5wt rods offer plenty of versatility. 

Winston Pure fly rods are great for anglers who prefer a slower, more moderate rod action or are looking for a softer rod to be used as a dry fly and light nymphing rod.  Although Winston Pure rods have the lower power for casting tight loops and covering some distance, it is the close range and light fly applications where the Pure really shines and will be your go-to rod.  

Each Winston Pure rod comes with a premium graphite rod tube, embroidered rod sock, and Winston's original owner lifetime warranty.

Here is what Winston has to say about their Pure fly rods:

When you day dream of delicate presentation trout fishing, where does your mind wander? Some might imagine casting yellow humpies, stimulators, and Royal Wulffs on their favorite freestones.

Some might imagine undercut banks, beaver ponds, and giggling riffles on a secret cutthroat “crick.” Some might imagine a large pod of picky spring creek rainbows dimpling PMDs on a slow-moving current’s surface.

If these are your daydreams, we encourage you to explore our new PURE series of trout rods.

  • Advanced Boron III light line rods
  • Moderate action with quick recovery that allows for open loops for fine dry fly presentation along with the ability to generate faster line speed as required for different conditions
  • True Winston progressive action
  • Slim profile with fine grip and guide configurations for better connection to the rod
  • Proprietary design puts presentation and tippet protection as the first priority
  • Ideal for light nymph and dry fly fishing applications.
  • Handcrafted in Twin Bridges, MT
Line: Length: Grip:
2wt 7' 0" Cigar
3wt 6' 6" Cigar
3wt 7' 6" Cigar
4wt 7' 6" Cigar
4wt 8' 0" Cigar
4wt 8' 6" Cigar
4wt 9' 0" Cigar
5wt 9' 0" Cigar