Jordan Rae

Jordan Rae started at Pacific Fly Fishers in the fall of 2019. He grew up fly fishing the alpine waters of Washington state. Jordan is an avid steelheader, and lives to swing flies. Jordan also knows his way around a Regal vise and is a talented fly tyer. He ties a lot of classic salmon and steelhead patterns, trout streamers, and has spent some time tying trout and steelhead flies commercially. 

Dolly Llama

Dolly Llama - Olive/White

If I could only have one trout fly for the rest of my life, I guarantee you I would choose an olive and white Dolly Llama. It always works. Some of my biggest trout were caught on this fly, and even the little guys love to eat it.

Regal Medallion Shank Vise

Regal Medallion Shank Head Pedestal Vise

I tie a lot of flies and I used to tie commercially so having a bombproof vise that is easy to use is pretty important to me. I tie a lot of shank flies and a lot of traditional style steelhead flies so I want a vise that is reliable and versatile. Regal vises are timeless and built like a tank. One of the best things about Regal Vises is the simplicity.

RIO Salmon/Steelhead Tippet

RIO Tippet Steelhead/Salmon

I really like the RIO SST Tippet for building my short leaders for sink tip fishing, for both trout Spey applications as well as steelhead and salmon fishing. SST is stiff and turns over big flies with ease, minimizing wind knots, and produces crisp turnover, and it's super strong!

Scientific Anglers Skagit Float

Scientific Anglers Skagit Floating

I fish a lot of different shooting heads throughout the year and I love casting Scandi’s but the head I always come back to since it came out is the SA Skagit. This head is effortless to cast and because of the taper it is a very clean casting Skagit head unlike a lot of other Skagit heads that can be pretty clunky.

Simms G4Z Waders

Simms G4Z Wader

Being a walk and wade angler that often gets off the beaten path, I rely on having a bombproof pair waders. The G4’s are super durable and will take some serious abuse. I’m in my waders a lot and put them to the test, and the G4z’s have never let me down. They’re the most comfortable wader I’ve ever worn. And when you have to pee and its raining there’s nothing better than zippered waders!

Hardy Perfect Reels

Hardy Wide Spool Perfect Reels

I am a huge fan of Click and Pawl reels, and having a classic looking reel. Well there’s nothing quite as classic as the Hardy Perfect! I prefer using mono running lines and having a full frame reel like the Hardy Perfect has is crucial. I also like a heavy reel to add ballast to my cast, and Hardy Perfect's are pretty heavy. It also allows me to comfortably choke up on my grip a little bit keeping my casting stroke nice and compact. Hardy Perfect’s look great and sound even better!

Winston Air TH Two-Handed Rods

R.L. Winston Air TH Rods

I love Winston Rods and the Air TH Spey rods are no exception! They've got that classic Winston feel with a slightly faster more aggressive action then Winston two handers of the past. It's hard to say which one I like the most as they are all great! The 7133-4 is my go to steelhead rod with a Scandi or a Skagit, summer or winter. I love the 6133-4 for summer steelhead, and the 5120-4 is the stick for bull trout up on the Sauk and Skagit river, but it also makes for a super fun little summer run steelhead rod!