Regal Medallion Shank Head Pedestal Vise



Regal Medallion Shank Head Vises are the vise to have for articulated streamer, steelhead/salmon shank and tube fly tiers. The Shank vise also works great with traditional hooks.

The Regal Medallion Shank Vise features a horizontal pin groove in the right side of the jaws and two hook grooves on the left side of the jaws. The horizontal pin groove holds shanks and tube fly needles firmly in place. If you are using Waddington style shanks, you can rotate the jaws 90 degrees to get a solid hold. 

Regal vises use a spring loaded jaw that opens up when you squeeze the lever. Let go and your hook, shank or tube fly needle is secured in the jaws without any adjustments, even if you're going from size 16 to size 1/0. In fact, we've used the Regal with up to 8/0 billfish hooks and those spring loaded jaws just don't let go. Other features included in this Bronze Medallion Series vise are a 360-degree rotating head, a heavy and solid bronze pocket base and a great-looking Ultra Violet (Purple) head color.

The Regal Medallion Shank Head Vise is a great vise that is especially well suited to the angler that wants to quickly change from one size hook to a dramatically different hook size, or from a shank style fly to a hook of almost any size without having to make any vise adjustments. Every single employee or guide who works for us uses a Regal vise!

Sold as pictured.  Special Edition Ultra Violet color.  Bronze Pocket Base.