RIO Fly Clips



RIO Fly Clips allow anglers to quickly add and change flies without tying knots each time.  Attach a RIO Fly Clip to the end of your leader and clip the fly onto the Fly Clip.  The chart below is RIO's recommended clip size for the size flies being used. 

Each package contains 10 Fly Clips.  Not recommended for dry flies or flies smaller than size 16.  For larger flies and larger fish, checkout the RIO Twist Clips.

  • Fly Clip - Size 1:  For fly sizes 12-16
  • Fly Clip - Size 2:  For fly sizes 8-12
  • Fly Clip - Size 3:  For fly sizes 4-8

TIP: Tie the Fly Clip onto your leader while it is still on the snap swivel. Once the Fly Clip is tied to your leader, then remove it from the snap swivel and attach your fly.