RIO Indicator Leaders



RIO's 10ft Indicator Leaders are perfect for short-range nymphing in rivers or for fishing chironomid pupa from a strike indicator in lakes. The orange butt section of the leader is short and powerful for turning over your indicator. The remaining seven or so feet is then a thin, level tippet section that allows your flies to sink quickly. This thin, long tippet section is light and thin enough that it doesn't slow down the sink rate of your fly down like a conventional leader will.

When using the RIO Indicator Leaders, make sure your indicator stays on the heavy butt section of the leader for better casting performance. They are perfect for short-range nymphing applications where long casts aren't necessary. The Indicator Leader is perfect for nymph fishing from a boat, or nymphing small streams with short to medium casts, or for suspending chironomid pupa from an indicator in lakes.

The recommended tippet for RIO's Indicator Leaders is RIO Powerflex Tippet.

  • Powerful butt and short taper for casting indicators
  • Long, level tippet allows nymphs to sink quickly
  • Orange butt section can be used as an indicator

RIO's Indicator Leader Sizing
Size Lb Test Diameter
2X 10 lb. 0.009"
3X 8.2 lb. 0.008"
4X 6.4 lb. 0.007"
5X 5 lb. 0.006"