RIO Pike/Musky Leaders



The RIO Pike/Musky Leader is an ultra stiff tapered leader with a tough wire shock tippet that is ideal for Pike and Musky and other toothy critters like barracuda.

RIO Pike & Musky Leaders come with a heavy duty fly clip already attached so you do not need to worry about tying knots in the shock tippet when tying on the fly. If you prefer, the fly clip can be cut off and the braided wire is knot-able directly to the fly.

One RIO Pike/Musky Leader per package.  7.5-feet in length.  Choose from the following:

  • 20lb nylon-coated, braided wire shock with 20lb tippet
  • 30lb nylon-coated, braided wire shock with 30lb tippet

One leader per package.