RIO Tippet Powerflex Wire Bite



RIO Powerflex Wire Bite tippet is tough, flexible, nylon-coated wire. RIO Wire Bite Tippet is super easy to tie a knot with and is ideal for those sharp-toothed, mean critters like pike, musky, barracuda, wahoo, sierra mackerel, and golden dorado.  The RIO Wire Bite is a knottable, braided wire that is supple enough to tie directly to the fly. Attach RIO Powerflex Wire Bite to your leader with an Albright Knot.  Attach your fly to the wire with a simple 2-turn Clinch Knot.  Good to go!

  • Available in three size options; 20lb, 30lb & 40lb
  • 15 feet per spool
  • Color is clear nylon over brown braided wire
Lb Test Diameter
20lb 0.016in
30lb 0.018in
40lb 0.024in