Rising Bob's Tactical Scissors



Bob's Tactical Scissors from Rising are six inches in length and have a comfortable rubber grip. The tips are smooth to aid in pinching barbs down on your flies. The tips are also magnetic to help you pick small flies out of your fly boxes. In the back of the jaws are serrated scissors for cutting tippet, leaders, yarn indicators, or modifying flies on the water. As well as being padded with rubber, the finger loops are generously sized to for use with your thumb in one side and two finders in the other. Bob's Tactical Scissors click to lock in the closed position so you can clip and lock them onto a vest or waders for easy access. Safe in fresh or saltwater.

  • Magnetic Straight Tip
  • Serrated Scissors
  • Ergonomic Finger Loops
  • Rubber Comfort Grip
  • 1-Click Locking

* This product comes in either black or red variants depending on stock