Rising Crocodile Clamps



The ever popular Rising Crocodile Clamp with with the Bob's Tactical handle for easier handling. The Crocodile Clamp is used for removing hooks, crimping split shot, pinching barbs and just about anything else you can think of. The open design at the tip of the clamps is to make the clamps function as a quick fish release tool.  Simply close the clamps with the leader inside the circular, open portion of the jaws.  Then, slide the clamp down the leader, allowing the clamp to push the hook out of the fish.  A best seller!

  • Magnetic Croc Jaws
  • Smooth Arms for de-barbing
  • Clean Cutting Scissor Blade
  • Rubber Comfort Grip
  • 1-Click Locking

* This product comes in either black or red variants depending on stock