Scientific Anglers Skagit Short

Scientific Anglers


The Scientific Anglers Skagit Short is a compact but powerful Skagit head. The SA Skagit Short will be great on shorter Spey rods and on switch rods. But short Skagit heads are not just great for short rods, they work great on longer or more standard length two handed rods as well. Having a short Skagit head in your head wallet or on an extra rod in the boat can be very advantageous. If you fish the high banks or wade deep, you should consider having a short Skagit head in your quiver like the Scientific Anglers Skagit Short. This compact head is also great for smaller water and turning over heavy sink tips and big or heavy flies. Like all SA Spey lines, the Skagit Short has a high contrasting sighter at the back of the head, which makes it easy to see in bad lighting while tracking the swing. This high contrasting sighter also makes it easier to see when you have the perfect amount of overhang outside of the rod tip. 

Available in grain weights of 450 to 570 grains. 

Here is what Scientific Anglers has to say about their Skagit Short line:

The Skagit Short is designed to pair better with shorter Spey rods or when an angler needs to wade deep. This allows the angler to maintain a good D-loop even when the distance between the rod tip and water is shortened.

  • Shorter head length for use with short spey rods or when wading deep
  • Designed to be used with sink tips for targeting steelhead and salmon 
  • High contrast sighter at the rear of the head identifies the perfect overhang 
  • Braided multifilament core
                                                   Scientific Anglers Skagit Short - Taper Profile
Scientific Anglers
Line Weight
450 grain
480 grain
510 grain
540 grain
570 grain
Grain Weight
18' 450
19’ 480
19’ 510
20’ 540
20.5’ 570