Scientific Anglers SONAR Stillwater Seamless Density

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The Scientific Anglers SONAR Stillwater Seamless Density lines are full-sinking lines with a seamless transition to two different sink rates.  The Seamless Density lines feature a faster sinking portion of line at front (fishing end) and a slower sinking rate at the back.  The transition between the two densities isn't even noticeable while casting but the line does a very noticeable job of maintaining a straight line between you and the fish -- for incredible strike detection and hook sets.

Full sinking lines have long been the secret of many experienced anglers for incredible effectiveness in lakes.  Getting the fly down to the level where the fish are feeding is imperative.  Good lake anglers know this and employ the proper full sinking line to keep the fly where the fish are. Scientific Anglers' new SONAR Stillwater Seamless Density lines will surely become a favorite of many anglers and have been an impressive improvement in full sinking line technologies.

SA's SONAR Stillwater Seamless Density lines come in the following sink rate options:

  • Sink 1 (Intermediate)/Sink 3: Designed to get under the surface chop, with an intermediate (1.25 ips) running line and Sink 3 head (3.0 ips).  Great for shallower lakes and fishing depths of 5 to 12 feet in depth.
  • Sink 3/Sink 5: Perfect as an all-purpose sinking line, with a Sink 3 running line and a Sink 5 (5.0 ips) head.  The Sink 3/Sink 5 is at home in 10 to 18 foot depths.
  • Sink 5/Sink 7: The fastest sinking SD line, with a Sink 5 running line and Sink 7 (7.0 ips) head, designed to get deep at 15+ feet.

Here is what Scientific Anglers has to say about their SONAR Stillwater Seamless Density full-sinking fly lines:

The SONAR Stillwater Seamless Density lines are a unique departure from the traditional graduated density lines of years past. With a variety of double-density sinking rates and a smooth, seamless transition between each, the SONAR Stillwater Seamless Density lines provide straight line connections to subsurface flies, meaning you’re in control of the fly every second it’s in the water.

  • Designed specifically for the demands of stillwater anglers
  • Based on popular MPX taper
  • Overweighted by two line weights for multiple flies and long leaders
  • Features 10-foot and 20-foot textured hang markers
  • Seamless Density technology provides a smooth transition between densities, eliminates hinging, and provides a straight-line connection to the fly
Please note that not all sink rates are available in each line size.
WF4S 35.5’/10,8m 160gr/10,4g
WF5S WF5S 35.5’/10,8m 185gr/12,0g
WF6S WF6S WF6S 35.5’/10,8m 210gr/13,6g
WF7S WF7S WF7S 35.5’/10,8m 240gr/15,6g
WF8S WF8S WF8S 35.5’/10,8m 280gr/18,1g

* Grain weight for the first 30ft

Scientific Anglers Sonar Stillwater Seamless Density Line Diagram