Scientific Anglers Tailout Tool Assortment

Scientific Anglers


The Scientific Anglers Tailout Tool Assortment includes the basic tools every fly angler needs for your fishing days on the water.  The SA Tailout Tool Assortment includes excellent quality tools including forceps, line clippers (nippers), and a retractor (zinger) to attach the nippers to your pack/vest/waders. 


  • Retractor
    • Expands to 24” with a coated wire cable
    • Spring-loaded clip attaches to packs, vest, or waders
  • Nipper
    • Quality cutting edge for cutting leaders and tippet
    • Eye cleaning pin for clearing out hook eyes on flies
    • Foam non-slip comfort grip
  • Forceps
    • Flat area on the tips of the jaws for crimping barbs on flies
    • Serrated jaws grasp securely and hold on
    • Non-slip foam comfort grip on handles
    • Locks in the closed position to hang from packs, vest, etc.