TFO NXT Black Label Reels



NXT Black Label Reels from Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) are smooth, handsome reels with excellent drags and at a very nice, affordable price.  NXT Black Label reels are cast aluminum construction with a machined aluminum handle, drag knob and spool release for maximum durability in key areas. 

NXT Black Label Reels are smooth and silent on the retreive for those that don't like a loud clicker sound to their reels.  When the drag goes out, a soft, subtle clicker let's you know the fish is on the run.  The stacked washer drag system on the Black Label Reels has a very low startup enertia and a very smooth yet powerful drag.  

The TFO NXT Black Label Reels come with a protective black neoprene reel case.

TFO NXT Black Label Reels are covered by TFO's product warranty which covers breakage due to defects in materials and workmanship during the life of the original registered owner.

Here is what TFO has to say about their NXT Black Label reels:

The NXT Black Label series of reels set a new benchmark for performance at an affordable price. Machined, cast aluminum frame, ported to reduce weight and featuring a machined handle drag knob and spool release for increased durability during rigorous use.

The NXT Black Label series utilizes a stacked, alternating disc drag system that delivers plenty of drag pressure, with no startup inertia. Easy LH/RH conversion (no tools needed) and all reels come packaged in a black neoprene pouch. The three reel series is perfect for trout, warm water species and even light saltwater applications.
    • NXT BLK I

      4.3 oz.
      Line Size
      2-3-4 wt
      Capacity (yds/lb)
      WF4F 50/20
    • NXT BLK II

      4.6 oz.
      Line Size
      4-5-6 wt
      Capacity (yds/lb)
      WF5F 100/20

      4.9 oz.
      Line Size
      7-8 wt
      Capacity (yds/lb)
      WF8F 125/20