Tight Lines Enterprises Magnetic / Vacuum Rod Rack

Tightline Enterprises


The Magnetic / Vacuum Rod Racks from Tight Line Enterprises were designed for vehicles with aluminum, non-magnetic hoods.  Tight Lines Rod Racks are great for the fly fisher who travels from hole to hole by automobile and wishes to transport his/her valuable and delicate rods without the time and inconvenience of breakdown and re-rigging. The inherent beauty of the Tight Lines Rod Racks is that they have two carrier assemblies capable of transporting multiple rods. It mounts on the car, pick-up or SUV by means of powerful magnets and/or suction cups that can be easily attached and removed. Therefore it is unnecessary to purchase a new rod carrier every time you change vehicles. The System is lightweight and portable enough to pack in your luggage on a fly-in trip for use on your rental car. An especially attractive product feature is the open-ended design that allows convenient mounting and removal of the rods. This design was specifically developed to accommodate fly rods without a fighting butt to avoid crushing your expensive fly line in a pinch-point against the rod holder. Although originally designed for fly rods, this product is sturdy enough to carry most any other fishing rod that won't fit conveniently into your vehicle. 

(PFF Notes:  It has also proven itself very capable of handling numerous Spey rods with large, heavy reels).