Umpqua Perform X HD Salmon & Steelhead Leaders



Umpqua Perform X HD Salmon and Steelhead Leaders use a stiffer, more abrasion resistant nylon monofilament with a robust taper for turning over larger flies on either single-hand or Spey setups.  Much more powerful than a standard trout leader, the Umpqua Perform X HD Salmon/Steelhead Leaders cast weighted flies better and are better suited to large fish and aggressive grabs in fast, boulder-strewn rivers.

  • Stiffer nylon for better turnover of salmon and steelhead flies
  • Strong and impact resistant for screaming grabs on the swing
  • Excellent abrasion resistance for fighting fish around boulders and long battles

Ideal For

  • Salmon and Steelhead with single-hand or Spey setups
  • 5-Foot leaders for sink-tips and other sinking lines
  • 10-Foot leaders for floating lines and dry flies or wet flies
Umpqua Perform X HD Salmon & Steelhead Leader Sizing
Lb Test Tippet Diameter
10 lb .011"
12 lb .012"
16 lb .015"
20 lb .017"