Veevus GSP Thread



Veevus GSP thread is super strong! Great for spinning deer hair or large flies that require putting a ton of tension on the thread when securing materials. A lot of classic salmon and steelhead fly tyer's like GSP as well, because it lays down super flat and smooth and is great for keeping the underbody extremely smooth, which is especially important when tying silk floss bodies. Veevus GSP is slick, super strong, has virtually no stretch, and can be hard to cut, but once you get used to it, there's nothing better or stronger! 75 meters of thread per spool.

Denier is a measurement of weight per 9000 meters of thread. i.e., 70 denier thread would weigh 70 grams per 9000 meters of thread.  Use 50 denier for things like small trout flies and 200 denier for spinning deer hair on large bass poppers.