Wheatley SL4671 Slim Fly Box - Size 5 & 7 Clips



The Wheatley SL4671 fly box with size 5 and 7 clips is perfect for storing and protecting small to large traditional steelhead and salmon flies. The Wheatley SL4671 displays flies beautifully so it is easy to see every fly that's in your box. The SL4671 with size 5 and 7 clips holds up to 69 flies. 

Wheatley fly boxes have been traditionally hand made in England since 1860 and now are hand made in the U.S.A.

* Size 5 and 7 clips refers to how many clips are in each row, i.e. size 5 clips will hold 5 flies per row and size 7 clips will hold 7 flies per row. The SL4671 has seven rows of size 7 clips on one side and four rows of size 5 clips on the other side. 

Specs: 6" x 3.5" x .650"