Whiting Spey Hackle

Whiting Farms


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Dr. Tom Whiting of Whiting Farms set out to fulfill the demand for quality Spey hackle in the mid 1990's.  Whiting Spey Hackle is the product of his efforts and is the best product routinely available to replace heron and blue eared pheasant feathers, which are illegal (heron) or have become expensive and very difficult to get (blue ear pheasant). 

These Whiting Spey Hackles are graded as either "silver" or "bronze" quality with silver considered the better grade due to a larger number of prime feathers but both representing a great value.  Tons of Spey hackles are on each saddle and include a range of sizes.  These Spey hackles feature very fine, easy-to-wrap stems and the barbs are quite thin and long for excellent movement and flow on your flies.  On the pelt, there will be some feathers which are similar in characteristics to blue eared pheasant or heron, but most will be a thinner, wispier version.  Tying Spey flies with this hackle, our recommendation is to leave barbs on both sides of the hackle to increase the volume of the hackle (versus stripping one side).  The end result can be beautiful flies with terrific action in the water.