Airflo PolyLeader - 10ft - Salmon/Steelhead



The Airflo 10-foot Salmon/Steelhead PolyLeaders are great for quickly turning your floating line into a sink-tip line. They are terrific on floating Spey lines as an easy casting sink-tip.  Airflo PolyLeaders have opened a new dimension for anglers' line/leader configurations. Polyleaders have a straight diameter, nylon, monofilament core that than has a tapered outer coating like a fly line. They turn over exceptionally well and come in a range of densities for a variety of uses. 

The faster sinking PolyLeaders are also very useful for making your standard sink-tip lines get deeper. To do this, add a PolyLeader that has a faster sink rate than the sinking portion of your sink-tip line.

The nylon core on these 10-foot "Salmon/Steelhead" series of PolyLeaders is 24-pound test.

Density Sink Rate
Clear Floating Floating
Clear Hover 0.5 in/sec
Clear Intermediate 1.5 in/sec
Slow Sinking 2.6 in/sec
Fast Sinking 3.9 in/sec
Super Fast Sinking 4.9 in/sec
Extra Fast Sinking 6.1 in/sec