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Airflo PolyLeader - 14ft - Salmon/Steelhead

  • Density

Airflo PolyLeader - 14ft - Salmon/Steelhead

The Airflo 14-foot Salmon/Steelhead PolyLeaders are great for quickly turning your 8-weight or larger floating line into a sink-tip line and are terrific on most floating Spey lines. The floating version is also really nice on the Spey rod for skating big dry flies like Bombers or Waller Wakers because they turn over well and keep the fly up on top.

Airflo PolyLeaders have opened a new dimension for anglers' line/leader configurations. Polyleaders have a straight diameter, nylon, monofilament core that than has a tapered outer coating like a fly line. They turn over exceptionally well and come in a range of densities for a variety of uses.


The nylon core on these 14-foot "Salmon/Steelhead" series of PolyLeaders is 40-pound test.

Sink Rates

    • Density
    • Sink Rate
    • Clear Floating
    • Floating
    • Clear Intermediate
    • 1.5 in/sec
    • Fast Sinking
    • 3.9 in/sec
    • Super Fast Sinking
    • 4.9 in/sec
    • Extra Super Fast Sinking
    • 6.1 in/sec