Airflo Skagit Driver



Airflo's Skagit Driver spey heads are the latest generation in a continuous evolution of the popular Skagit Compact spey heads which Airflo introduced in 2008.  The Skagit Compact heads were an instant hit but were noticeably improved with the Skagit Compact G2.  Now, we have the third generation Skagit Driver and the improvements and adaptations promise to keep Airflo as a leading producer of lines in the Spey world.  The Skagit Driver, with a higher density, helps anglers load the rod, slow down their presentation of the fly, and cast into wind.  At 23 to 25 feet in length, they are the perfect length for today's most popular Spey rods of 12 to 13.5 feet in length and for casters of all skill levels.  

Here is what Airflo has to say about their new Skagit Driver:

Two hand anglers that need to get sink tips delivered to bouldery runs with minimal back casts have chosen Skagit-style heads as the go-to tool for the job. Despite extra short and other more specialized Skagit-style lines coming on to the scene, the Skagit Compact is still the standard, and has been redesigned and reborn as the all new Skagit Driver.

The Skagit Driver is the culmination of thousands of hours of design, observation, and field testing. This generation has been redesigned to sit lower in the water, helping to better load the rod when making the cast. Its unique density also slows the swing down while fishing. The improved design will get you casting more efficiently and keep you more connected to your fly through the entire step, cast, swing ritual.

  • 9 line weights in 30 grain increments
  • Toughest loops in the industry at both ends
  • Color and number coded for easy identification
Head wt
Rod wt* Head Front Taper Belly Rear Taper Loop Color
6/7 23' 6.5' 15' 1.5' Tan
7/8 23' 6.5' 15' 1.5' Yellow
7/8 23.5' 6.5' 15.5' 2' Pink
8/9 23.5' 6.5' 15.5' 2' Orange
8/9 24' 6.5' 16' 2.5' Light Green
8/9 24' 6.5' 16' 2.5' Dark Green
9/10 24.5' 7' 16.5' 2.5' Light Blue
9/10 24.5' 7' 16.5' 2.5' Dark Blue
10/11 25' 7.5' 16' 2.5' Purple

*Rod Weight designations provided by Airflo and should be used as a general guide and will vary based on different manufacturer’s rods, as well as each angler's casting style.