Saltwater Intermediate Cutthroat and Salmon Outfit



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The Pacific Northwest offers a unique opportunity to fly fish from protected saltwater beaches for species like sea run cutthroat trout and salmon with lightweight fly rods.  Near our location, within a few minutes an angler can be on a local Puget Sound beach casting a line for these great fish.  We've put together this rod, reel and line outfit for anglers to take advantage of these fishing opportunities knowing you have the perfect gear.  Our Intermediate level package is a combination of excellent quality and great value for an outstanding outfit which outperforms its price point.

Your outfit begins with an Echo Boost Blue fly rod which impressed us the moment we first cast them.  The Echo Boost Blue is a light, fast-action rod perfectly suited to the line we have included and the casting conditions encountered on the beaches. The outfit also comes with a high quality Nautilus X reel, a machined aluminum reel that can withstand harsh saltwater for a lifetime of use (always wash off your entire outfit with freshwater after each use).  Finally, we included a RIO Coastal QuickShooter fly line, a fly line designed by Pacific Fly Fishers staff with RIO specifically for saltwater beach fishing.

Your reel will also come with backing and the line spooled up and ready to fish. We've included a 9' Umpqua Deceiver X Fluorocarbon leader, so all you need to do when your outfit arrives is tie a fly on and go fishing!

Other items recommended to compliment your rod/reel outfit:

Items included in this package

  • Echo Boost Blue Fly Rods
  • Echo Boost Blue Fly Rods

    Echo Boost Blue rods are fantastic fast-action rods that are capable of casting big flies, on big water, in high winds, with mega high line speed and tight loops! Whether you want to get this rod as your go-to rod for the trip of a lifetime or as a great backup rod, you can't go wrong with the Boost Blue from Echo. More info.

  • Nautilus X-Series Reels
  • Nautilus X-XM and X-XL Reels

    The Nautilus X reels are very light weight, yet are extremely strong in design. They have a SCF-X sealed drag, that is a Teflon and carbon disc drag that is very smooth. The reel frame leaves a lot of the spool exposed, so it is easy to palm the reel if you need to add pressure during the fight. The X series of reels is also safe in saltwater environments, though its always a good idea to rinse your gear off with freshwater after a day of fishing in the salt, to prevent corrosion.   More info.

  • RIO Coastal Quickshooter Fly Lines
  • RIO Coastal QuickShooter Fly Line

    RIO's Coastal QuickShooter is the perfect line for fishing from the beach.  It was inspired by our very own, Capt. Ben Zander, who suggested the concept and worked with RIO to develop the Coastal QuickShooter.  It is a full intermediate sinking line to keep the line under the waves and keep the angler in maximum contact with the fly.  The taper of the Coastal QuickShooter features a short, slightly over weighted head to aid in casting into the wind and carrying larger flies throughout long casts.  A short, powerful front taper helps with the final turnover of the cast and perfect delivery in wind or with those larger flies. More info.

  • Umpqua Deceiver X Fluorocarbon Leaders
  • Umpqua Deceiver X Fluorocarbon Leader 

    Umpqua Deceiver X fluorocarbon tapered leaders are great for fishing the clear waters of saltwater beaches. Fluorocarbon is denser than nylon monofilament so it is ideal for saltwater fishing and stripping flies because it sinks better than mono and it is more abrasion resistant than mono. Fluorocarbon also has fewer light reflecting qualities than mono, so it tends to virtually disappear in the water.  More info.

  • Scientific Anglers Backing
  • Scientific Anglers Backing

    Your outfit will come with the perfect amount backing already loaded onto the reel and attached to your line. We only use the best knots to rig your setup. We use the Bimini Twist with a lock to form a loop then seal the knot with glue to then loop-to-loop connect your backing to the back of your fly line. More Info.

Choose from the following models

Echo Boost Blue Fly Rod - 6wt

The 6wt is the go-to size for most anglers fishing beaches on Puget Sound. This rod, like all the rods in the Echo Boost Blue family, bombs casts with ease. Whether you're casting from a boat or bombing casts as far as you can from the beach, this rod is a great choice. It casts the RIO Coastal QuickShooter extremely well, and has enough backbone to handle good-sized salmon, if you happen to hook one.

  • Rod: Echo Boost Blue 9' 6wt 4-piece
  • Reel: Nautilus X-Series XM Reel - Silver
  • Line: RIO Coastal QuickShooter 6wt
  • Leader: Umpqua Deceiver X Fluorocarbon 9ft 2X Tapered Leader
  • Backing: Scientific Anglers 20 lb. Blue Backing
  • Rigging: Your outfit will arrive ready to fish!
  • Regular Price: $763.78
  • Special Package Price: $689.99

Echo Boost Blue Fly Rod - 7wt

A 7wt rod is what we recommend for silvers and pink salmon in the salt when fishing from the beach. The Echo Boost Blue 7wt is capable of handling some pretty large fish, and is a ton of fun on hot coho and pink salmon. This 7wt is truly a cannon! It can throw some pretty large flies, and handle some moderately weighted flies, but absolutely excels at throwing light and unweighted flies a mile. This would be the rod you'd want for light salmon work on the beach, and would be great on the river for pinks as well.

  • Rod: Echo Boost Blue 9' 7wt 4-piece
  • Reel: Nautilus X-Series XL Reel - Silver
  • Line: RIO Coastal QuickShooter 7wt
  • Leader: Umpqua Deceiver X Fluorocarbon 9ft 2X Tapered Leader
  • Backing: Scientific Anglers 20 lb. Blue Backing
  • Rigging: Your outfit will arrive ready to fish!
  • Regular Price: $818.98
  • Special Package Price: $739.99

Echo Boost Blue Fly Rod - 8wt

The 8wt is your adult coho rod. Whether you're fishing off a beach in Puget Sound, up in B.C. from a boat, or off the coast of Alaska, this rod will have all of the bases covered. When we think about this rod, we think, long casts, big flies, and big hard fighting fish. This rod has no problem hucking weighted Clousers, large wind resistant bait fish patterns, and when you hook that big silver, you'll have plenty of rod to really put the screws to him!

  • Rod: Echo Boost Blue 9' 8wt 4-piece
  • Reel: Nautilus X-Series XL Reel - Silver
  • Line: RIO Coastal QuickShooter 8wt
  • Leader: Umpqua Deceiver X Fluorocarbon 9ft 2X Tapered Leader
  • Backing: Scientific Anglers 20 lb. Blue Backing
  • Rigging: Your outfit will arrive ready to fish!
  • Regular Price: $818.98
  • Special Package Price: $739.99