Ahrex PR350 Light Predator Hook



Ahrex PR350 Light Predator Hooks are our hook of choice for deer hair bass poppers and other surface or near-surface bass and pike flies.  The PR350 uses a lighter wire than the similar PR320 Predator Hooks so they are ideal for surface flies or any time a large fly is desired and a stout, heavy hook adds more weight to the fly than needed. 

All Ahrex hooks feature cutting edge technologies and the best materials available for each specific hook.  All hooks are super sharp with chemically sharpened hook points and micro barbs.

Ahrex PR350 Light Predator Hooks

  • 8 hooks per package
  • Straight Eye
  • Black Nickel Finish
  • Wide Gape Design
  • Lighter Wire Hook Compared to PR350
  • Uses: Bass Poppers and Other Surface Flies, Pike, Baitfish Streamers