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Located in the Seattle area, our fly shop is surrounded by famous steelhead and salmon rivers like the Skagit, Hoh, Skykomish, etc. Each year we outfit hundreds of anglers for our local rivers as well as those heading north to experience the bounty of Alaska and British Columbia. We put together this Affordable Salmon & Steelhead Package with some of our favorite value-minded products in the store. We know you’ll be satisfied when your package arrives and you hook and fight your first salmon or steelhead. 

If you’re fishing for steelhead, silver, chum, or sockeye salmon, this 8-weight rod and reel package will have you ready to go without a giant price tag. The Redington Vice rod is easy-casting, light in hand, and one of our favorite rods under $250. The Waterworks-Lamson Liquid -7+ reel has the drag to subdue large fish and the ability to retrieve fly line quickly during the fight. The Scientific Anglers Boost fly line teamed with an Airflo PolyLeader makes casting and mending easy while getting your flies down to where the fish are.

This outfit will arrive all setup. Just add your favorite fly and you’ll be ready to fish. This outfit is also well suited to pike, bass and light saltwater applications like bonefish (a different line is recommended for bonefish).

Includes the option of Free Shipping in USA. 

Other items recommended to compliment your rod/reel outfit:

Items included in this package

  • Redington Vice Fly Rods
  • Redington Vice 890-4 Rod - 9-foot, 8-weight, 4-piece rod

    The Redington Vice rods are a lot of rod for an outstanding price. They are a staff and customer favorite for a great casting rod without a hefty price tag. Their rich, green color, nice components, and lightweight feel make this rod a surprising value at first glance and when first cast. Redington Vice rods are 4-piece rods that come with a rod tube, and Redington's Lifetime Warranty. More info.

  • Waterworks-Lamson Liquid Fly Fishing Reels
  • Waterworks-Lamson Liquid -7+ Reel

    With the Waterworks-Lamson Liquid reels you get a lot of bang for your buck! These are cast aluminum reels with high tolerances, and exceptionally smooth sealed drags. They feature a large arbor design for fast line pickup, which also greatly reduces line memory. Built with the same sealed conical drag system as most of the Waterworks Lamson reels, the Liquid is a very good, dependable reel at a bargain price point.  More info.

  • Scientific Anglers Frequency Boost Fly Line
  • Scientific Anglers Boost Floating Fly Line - 8wt

    Scientific Anglers Boost fly lines are fantastic fly lines that cast and fish very well.  This weight-forward, floating fly line is as easy to cast as anything out there and is well suited to this rod/reel outfit.  Boost lines are developed with a cold water coating for optimum performance in salmon and trout environments.  They are slightly heavier than standard line weights which helps them cast the included sinking PolyLeader and cast large steelhead/salmon flies. More info.

  • Airflo PolyLeader 10ft Salmon/Steelhead
  • Airflo PolyLeader - Salmon/Steelhead - 10ft - Super Fast Sinking

    Airflo PolyLeaders are a leader that attaches to your fly line like a leader but is coated in a tungsten impregnated plastic like a sinking fly line.  In short, attach the PolyLeader to a floating fly line and it fishes like a sink-tip fly line.  Take it off and you are back to just a floating fly line.  Airflo PolyLeaders are super versatile and can be purchased in a number of different sink rates.  Included in your outfit is a "Fast Sinking" 10-foot PolyLeader which sinks at 3.9 inches per second.  When we prepare your outfit for you, we will attach your PolyLeader to your fly line and also attach a section of 12lb tippet so that you are ready to fish when your outfit arrives. More info.

  • Scientific Anglers 20-pound Yellow Backing in Bulk
  • Backing

    Your outfit will come with the perfect amount backing already loaded onto the reel and attached to your line. We only use the best knots to rig your setup. We use the Albright Knot with a lock then sealed with glue to connect your backing to your running line.