Aqua Flies Waddington Shanks

Aqua Flies


Aqua Flies Waddington Shanks are high quality double wire shanks with a black nickel finish and a slightly upturned eye. Waddington style shanks are great for tying steelhead and salmon flies, or articulated trout streamers. Waddington shanks offer a wide platform that lends itself well to tying with dumbbell eyes, or tying unweighted flies with a heavy shank to help break the surface tension. Aqua Flies Waddington Shanks have a very small gap where the wire meets and is much smoother than most Waddington style shanks, meaning you won't constantly be breaking your thread on the return!

Aqua Flies Waddington Shanks are available in the following sizes:

Aqua Flies Waddington Shank Sizes:  23mm, 28mm, and 33mm.

25 Shanks per package.