Arizona Simi-Seal Dubbing

John Rohmer


Arizona Simi-Seal Dubbing is a very popular dubbing that has just the right amount of length, body and flash.  We love Arizona Simi-Seal Dubbing for leech patterns and for steelhead/salmon flies.  AZ Simi-Seal is also excellent on larger nymphs when you want a longer, coarse fiber and some flash.

Arizona Simi-Seal is a coarse mix of natural and synthetic materials that are blended together for extra flash and body.  It is also a good "more flashy" seal substitute.   The color blends are amazing whether you're tying leeches or stonefly nymphs.  

To make a simple but highly effective leech fly for your favorite lakes, just add a pinch of Simi-Seal for a tail, then create a body of Simi-Seal in a dubbing loop.  Twist the dubbing loop and wrap the body.  Pick-out or brush-out the dubbing fibers and the fly is finished.  Very fast and very effective!