Echo TR Spey Rods



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What do you do when you have a slight hitch in your giddy-up? If you are a two-hand fly fisherman who owns their own rod company you simply create a family of rods that help you cast better. Tim Rajeff took the popular ECHO Classic rods and gave them a little more oomph in the bottom half to keep up with his slightly more abrupt power application. The ECHO TR rods look like something from a TV battlefield and perform like they mean business. With modest tip power combined with a little extra butt power, ECHO TR rods will throw tighter loops farther than you ever dreamed possible. Load them up with a Skagit Compact head and they slow down enough to make fishing sink tips a breeze. Available from a 11 foot 3 weight trout spey all the way up to a 13'6" 8 weight big water stick. When your friends ask to borrow your ECHO TR rod, don't do it, you might not get it back.

  • Four-piece travel design
  • Alignment dots for quick assembly
  • Premium grade cork upper handle
  • Handle lengths vary with each model
  • Premium grade cork lower handle with composite pivot knob
  • Black anodized reel seat
  • Army green blank
  • Black stripper and snake guides
  • Green cordura case with rod sock
  • ECHO lifetime warranty
Model: Length: Line: Handle: Grain Window* Skagit Line* Scandi Line*
3110-4 11' 0" 3wt A 270-330 300** 300***
4113-4 11' 3" 4wt A 330-390 360** 360***
6126-4 12' 6" 6wt B 420-540 450 420***
7130-4 13' 0" 7wt C 510-620 540 510
8136-4 13' 6" 8wt C 570-680 600 570

*Grain window and line weight designations provided by ECHO/Airflo and should be used as a general guide and will vary based on different manufacturer’s line specifications, as well as each angler's casting style.
** Airflo Skagit Scout
*** Airflo Rage Compact