Elite RIO Gold



RIO's Elite RIO Gold fly line takes the very successful taper of the original RIO Gold fly line and incorporates RIO's latest upgraded technologies.  The Elite RIO Gold lines use RIO's SlickCast for ultimate slickness and durability.  Casting the Elite RIO Gold for the first time, you'll feel the slickness immediately and be impressed as we were.  In addition, the Elite RIO Gold lines have a very low-stretch core for positive hook sets.  Mix all of this with an outstanding all-around taper for the trout angler, and RIO has hit a home run with the new Elite RIO Gold fly line. 

Here is what RIO has to say about their Elite RIO Gold Fly Line:

The Elite RIO Gold has a taper design that gives incredible loop stability at distance and a front taper that delivers perfect presentation of flies between sizes #2 and #22. With a long head and back taper this line is an excellent all around fly line on rivers and lakes when long casts and complete line control are required.

This line is built with RIO's low-stretch ConnectCore Plus, resulting in exceptionally smooth, durable fly lines, with the added benefits of incredible levels of sensitivity when casting and fishing, and providing enhanced detection of takes, faster hook sets, and far greater control when playing a fish. In addition, this line is built with SlickCast, RIO's proprietary coating technology, creating the slickest, most durable fly lines on the market. Lab tests show that lines built with SlickCast have the least amount of friction ever measured in a fly line.

The RIO Gold is the ultimate all round, floating line for the trout fly fisher.

  • Long head for ultimate casting control
  • Taper design to cast a large range of fly sizes
  • Low-stretch ConnectCore Plus for the best in casting control, performance and smoothness
  • Built with RIO's exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast
  • Features Rio's SureFire tricolored measuring system for increased accuracy and distance control
  • Printed line marking system to quickly identify each line
  • Neat, bulletproof welded loops on the front and back of the fly line
RIO Elite RIO Gold Fly Line
Line Size
Color 30' Head/
Sink Rate Total Length
Moss/Gold/Gray 126gr 46ft Float 90ft
Moss/Gold/Gray 146gr 47ft Float 90ft
Moss/Gold/Gray 168gr 48ft Float 90ft
Moss/Gold/Gray 193gr 49ft Float 100ft
Moss/Gold/Gray 218gr 50ft Float 100ft