EP Spawning Shrimp - Tan

Enrico Puglisi


The Tan version of the EP Spawning Shrimp is great fly to have for any Florida Keys, Bahamas or Cuba trip. The light tan body is a good choice on flats with light colored sand.  Choose between versions with bead chain eyes or lead eyes, depending on the depth of water you encounter. 

The EP Spawning Shrimp fly patterns have become one of the most popular patterns from Enrico Puglisi and are commonly recommended for anglers heading to the Bahamas, Florida Keys and Cuba, but have a place on just about any bonefish flat. It is one of our top recommendations for Hawaii bonefish as well.

The EP Spawning Shrimp comes tied on a size 4 hook with a total length of about 2.5-inches including the tail.  Double monofilament weed guard.  Available with bead chain eyes for shallow water and lead eyes for deeper water situations.