Fly Selection - Steelhead Summer Run

Pacific Fly Fishers

$89.99 - $109.99

Our summer steelhead fly assortment features some of our favorite flies.  You can fish with confidence with any fly in this assortment.  Whether you are fishing the Deschutes, the Skeena rivers, the Umpqua , the Grand Ronde, or just about any other summer steelhead river, you will have flies suiting your needs. 

This assortment includes 12 different fly patterns. Two of each pattern are included for a total of 24 flies.  The flies on the left side in the image are best fished on sink-tips and include heavily weighted, medium weighted, and non-weighted patterns.  The top row of flies on the right side are designed to skate on the surface.  The remaining flies on the right side can be fished on a floating line or with a sink-tip.  Fish the dark flies in low light conditions and fish the bright flies in bright conditions.

The fly patterns included in the Steelhead Summer Run selection are:

  • Bennett's Steelhead Exasperator - Black/Blue
  • Morejohn's Bantam - Green Butt 
  • Mini Intruder - Metal Detector
  • Steelhead Mojo
  • Ska-Opper
  • Brett's Klamath Skater - Black
  • Bennett's Halo
  • Bennett's Last Light
  • Freight Train
  • October Hilton
  • Hartwick's Skinny Spratley
  • Hartwick's Sword Fighter

Any flies out of stock will be substituted with a very similar pattern.