Frog Eyes Strike Indicators

Frog Eyes


Frog Eyes strike indicators are very lightweight, easy to attach strike indicators handmade in Austria.  This is a great strike indicator option for anglers that are looking for an indicator that casts well and has excellent buoyancy.  In addition, Frog Eyes strike indicators attach to the leader and are adjustable without kinking your leader.  

To attach Frog Eyes indicators to your leader, slide the leader in between the rubber lips on the indicator.  Pull the leader deep between the rubber lips by pulling the leader firmly to the left side of the indicator and then pull firmly to the right side of the indicator.  The leader should be seated as far into the rubber lips as possible.  Then, the indicator can be slid up or down the leader throughout your fishing day.

Choose from two bright, easy-to-see colors and two size options.


  • 12mm size is just shy of 1/2-inch and includes 5 indicators per package.
  • 15mm size is just shy of 5/8-inch and includes 4 indicators per package.