G Loomis


Tuck into the overhanging trees and high banks, and fish where the trout live with the IMX-PRO V2 SHORTSPEY from G. Loomis. This rod has everything that we like to see in a trout Spey rod. When you pick one of these up, it really feels like you have a trout rod in your hand. The cork on these rods is very thin and compact, which compliments the short length and how lightweight these rods are. They feature a custom down-locking aluminum reel seat, chrome single foot guides, chrome stripper guides, premium cork, and utilize a proprietary blend of technologies including Conduit Core and GL7 resin. These little medium-fast action Spey rods fish great with anything from soft hackles to a big old Dolly Llama. The line speed that the IMX-PRO V2 Shortspey’s produce and the power to jack your whole running line across the river is mind blowing. We love the length of these rods too, at 11 feet 1 inch you are about to get into those spots where the trout live and most fisherman can’t fish.

  • Chrome single-foot guides
  • Chrome stripper guides
  • Premium grade cork top & bottom grip
  • Custom aluminum reel seat
  • Tube and cloth rod bag
  • Handcrafted in Woodland, Washington

    Here is What G. Loomis has to say about their IMX-PRO V2 SHORTSPEY

    At G. Loomis, we build tools that enhance natural ability, boost effectiveness, and expand tactical opportunity. We do this for the dawn patrollers. The mid-day grinders. The last-light renegades. For those that make time on the water a top priority. Introducing IMX-PRO V2 SHORTSPEY, a continuation of our 40-year commitment to provide anglers with actions that put the bug where your brain wants it every time.

    Once considered a niche way to target fish, trout spey has become a proven tactic to secure success on the water. Granting the ability to cover large sections of river efficiently and effectively, lighter rods matched with modern line systems can be a difference-maker, especially when other methods leave anglers empty-netted. With progressive flex patterns, medium-fast spey actions, and pumped power levels, IMX-PRO V2 SHORTSPEY models jack casts like your favorite "big rod." A proprietary blend of technologies - Conduit Core and GL7 resin system – enhances positive feel, swing weight, and subtle subsurface bite detection.

    That said, don't take it from us. Experience this diverse set of purpose-driven actions for yourself. Because, after all, actions speak louder than words.


    Model Number: Rod Length: Line Weight: Grain Window*: Skagit*: Scandi*:
    11'1" 2 wt 150-225
    210-225 150
    11'1" 3 wt 210-275
    270-275 210
    11'1" 4 wt 270-330 325-330 270

    *Grain window and line weight designations should be used as a general guide and will vary based on different manufacturer’s line specifications, as well as each angler's casting style.