Gamakatsu SC15 Hooks


$5.65 - $6.49

The Gamakatsu SC15 hooks are a tin-plated, saltwater safe hook that comes in very small sizes and is light wire enough that it is perfect for smaller saltwater species. These are an excellent hook for sea-run cutthroat and smaller salmon flies in our area but are a nice surf perch hook, light bonefish hook, baby tarpon hook, etc.  In the larger sizes they are a great hook for baby tarpon, snook, smaller tuna, and pike and bass.

Definitely consider ordering them a size, or really two sizes larger than you would expect because their size can seem very small when you have them in hand.

Hook Quantities Per Pack:

Size 8     Qty 15

Size 6     Qty 15

Size 4     Qty 12

Size 2     Qty 12

Size 1     Qty 12

Size 1/0  Qty 12

Size 2/0  Qty 10

Size 3/0  Qty 10