Gamakatsu SL12S Hooks



The Gamakatsu SL12S hooks are an excellent saltwater hook for medium and large species. Gamakatsu SL12S hooks are tin-plated and super sharp. The wire thickness on the SL12S isn't too thick like some saltwater hooks which makes it easier to get a good hook set, yet they are plenty strong. We've used these for big Yellowfin Tuna, Tarpon, Sailfish, Giant Trevally, and routinely use the size 2 for a larger-sized steelhead tube fly hook.

Each pack contains the following number of hooks:

Size 2 and 1/0 = qty 12

Size 2/0 = qty 10

Size 4/0 = qty 7

Size 6/0 = qty 6

Size 8/0 = qty 4