Synthetic Tapered Peacock Quills

Natures Spirit


Hemingway's Synthetic Tapered Peacock Quills create beautiful segmented bodies on nymphs, dry flies, emergers and make amazing chironomids.  Synthetic Peacock Quills are very durable and come in terrific colors.  Each synthetic quill is tapered so the segments on the finished fly are perfectly spaced for a realistic appearance. 

The coloration on the quills is printed with a gradient printing process with a light edge and a dark edge, which brings the segmentation and realistic appearance of your flies to life.  Each synthetic tapered quill is 0.2mm at the thin end and tapers up to 2.2mm at the wider end.  Total length of each quill is 100mm or about 4-inches long.  The quills are printed on self-adhesive vinyl so they are simple to wrap onto the fly.  Use a flat thread or Uni-Stretch to create a tapered underbody.  Then wrap the synthetic quill over it for the perfect body shape and appearance.

20 quills per package.