Loon UV Clear Fly Finish - Thin

Loon Outdoors


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With less viscosity than the original, Loon UV Clear Fly Finish - Thin is perfect for delicate applications, going on thin without sacrificing curing speed and strength. Loon's UV Clear Fly Finish - Thin can be used to make smaller heads, bodies or wing cases, or to coat a small thread head. UV Clear Fly Finish - Thin cures almost instantly when exposed to direct sunlight or Loon’s UV Power Light... the possibilities are endless. 1/2 ounce bottle. 

  • New UV Blocking application needles
  • New Taper-Tip needle prevents clogs
  • Build fly heads and bodies
  • Instantly cures with sunlight or UV light
  • Brush Applicator included
  • Needle tip included for precision tying