Outcast Clearwater



The Clearwater from Outcast will be a gamechanger for many anglers. It's essentially a frameless raft but with an open floor design in the front allowing anglers the option to use fins if they choose to. Straight out of the box the Clearwater takes no time at all to setup and can fit in the back of a pickup truck or on top of a car. Weighing in at only 35 pounds and with a 450 pound load capacity, this raft can go or do almost anything. The Clearwater uses Outcast's open oar lock design, allowing the use of longer oars and the ability to really lay into the oar stroke, giving the rower the ability to cover water quickly or navigate through rapids. There is plenty of storage space in the back and front of the boat, meaning you can take a lot of gear with you and even do some multi-day camp trips! Many of the Outcast and Scotty accessories can be attached to the Clearwater to really deck it out. Some of our favorite accessories for the Clearwater include the Outcast Frameless Cargo Pocket, Outcast BladeRite Oar Stops, Outcast Brass Oar Locks, Scotty Fly Rod Holders, and Scotty Anchor Locks. On either side of the seat there are handles for carrying the raft, which makes portaging solo a breeze. There is also a bungy and clip system on either side of the seat for securing rods or the handle of a net. The Outcast Clearwater is a great lightweight boat that is capable of epic missions or casual comfortable days on the local lake.

  • Inflated Size:
    9'4" x 54"
    Tube Diameter:
    Fabric Denier:
    1000 pvc
    35 lbs.
    Load Capacity:
    450 lbs.
  • Air Chambers:
    AireCell Material:
    Valve Type:
    Summit 2
    5 years
    7ft 2-piece