Outcast OSG Striker



The Outcast Striker is a compact 2 man raft that can fit in the back of a pickup truck. At under ten feet long and weighing only 102 pounds, the Striker is ready for some sneaky missions on waters that are rarely fished. The Striker has just enough room for two anglers and their gear, and a small cooler. The front of the raft features an inflatable casting brace so the front angler can safely stand and fish from the raft. The Striker is a self bailing boat that can tackle some big water. Outcast's IGS (Integrated Gear System) is featured on either side of both seats as well as on the stern of the raft. For the ultimate setup we suggest putting a Frameless Cargo Pocket next to each seat, and on the other side of each seat run a Scotty Fly Rod Holder. Setup an anchor on the stern with a Glue On Pad and the Scotty Anchor Lock. The Striker will come with an Outcast Pontoon Emergency Kit, oar locks and a set of 7ft 2pc oars, but we would recommend upgrading the oar locks to brass oar locks, and having a spare oar as well.

Other items recommended to compliment your Outcast OSG Striker:

  • Frameless Cargo Pocket
  • Scotty Fly Rod Holder
  • Scotty Anchor Lock
  • Glue On Pad
  • Intex Quick-Fill Electric Pump
  • K-Pumps
  • Outcast 7ft 2-piece Oars
  • Outcast Brass Oar Locks
  • Scotty Combination Side/Deck Mount
  • Outcast Seat Saddle Bag

    • Inflated Size:
      9.5' x 5'
      Tube Diameter:
      Base Fabric Denier:
      1100 pvc
      102 lbs.
      Load Capacity:
      800 lbs.
      self Bailing:
    • Air Chambers:
      Aire Chambers:
      AireCell Material:
      Seam Construction:
      Valve Type:
      Summit 2
      5 years